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Blue Cross NC waives customer costs for COVID-19 treatment

Durham-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina says it will waive costs for members – including deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance – for treatments related to COVID-19 if a member is diagnosed with the virus.

The company said it will instead reimburse providers in full at its in-network or Medicare rates in an effort to support them financially and administratively during this emergency.

“Blue Cross NC is doing all it can to make sure costs are not a barrier to care. We want our members to focus on getting well knowing that they are covered,” said Gerald Petkau, chief operating officer and interim CEO at Blue Cross NC. “This is a public health emergency that is requiring everyone in the health care community to do their part, and we’ll continue to respond and determine how to best serve our members in the face of COVID-19.”

The member cost-share waiver of COVID-19 related treatments applies to all fully insured, State Health Plan, and Medicare members, while self-funded employer groups will be given the option to apply these changes to their employees’ plans.

The member cost-share waivers for COVID-19 related treatments are effective immediately through June 1, 2020.